How Origin Labs Created PearlCBD to Stand Out in a Crowded Space

How Origin Labs Created PearlCBD to Stand Out in a Crowded Space

Navigating the vast and emerging CBD space can be daunting, especially in an industry lacking education and transparency that leaves consumers feeling confused and skeptical. Origin Labs launched our flagship, tech-focused CBD line to solve these problems and foster trust to build brand equity among our customers.

There are three key factors that set PearlCBD apart from our competitors:

  • NFC phone-tap technology (our tech)
  • FDA- registered lab (our standards)
  • Premium CBD products (our ingredients)

PearlCBD features patent-pending NFC chip technology married into all our labels, enabling consumers to simply tap their smartphone to any PearlCBD product and gain instant access to authenticity verification, batch-specific lab test results, and educational content. This tech positions PearlCBD to leave competitors scrambling to provide the same data and content by licensing our technology to those companies, or they remain behind the eight ball in an industry ridden with mistrust due to sub-standard products and misinformation.

We produce all our products out of our FDA-registered lab in Miami, Florida. This lab adheres to the highest GMP standards and most stringent best practices, having been in existence nearly twenty years. This means every PearlCBD product is manufactured in our pristine facility in the United States by a team that tested countless formulations to create what we believe to be our perfect four flagship products (lotion, cream, tincture, and capsules).

Our formulations feature USA organically-grown, full-spectrum hemp oil that is below .3% THC to ensure our products are under the legal limit to be considered CBD but have enough THC to maximize what is known as the “entourage effect”. All PearlCBD products are non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and paraben free. They come in glass bottles with bpa-free plastic pumps and minimal packaging, to limit our environmental footprint and ensure our products are clean both inside and out.

PearlCBD Product Kit, retail $200.