PearlCBD Poised to Meet Sephora’s New CBD Standards Out of the Gate

PearlCBD Poised to Meet Sephora’s New CBD Standards Out of the Gate

Sephora announced in February of 2020, just one month post-launch for PearlCBD, stringent new standards for the CBD products they will carry. The announcement coincides with the addition of their forth line of CBD topicals and, according to a company spokesperson, will help provide transparency and assurance to customers looking to familiarize themselves with this emerging category in the beauty sector.

Among the new standards for Sephora are products that:

  • Include full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD only, not isolate.
  • Source their CBD from US-grown hemp, not overseas.
  • Can produce a certificate of authenticity (COA) for customers.
  • Have been tested three times for quality and purity
  • Comply with Sephora’s “Clean Sephora” standards banning ingredients that include parabens.

This news comes at a great time for Origin Labs, just one month after launching our flagship premium CBD line, PearlCBD. Pearl is poised to meet Sephora’s requirements right out of the gates, with revolutionary tech that provides the transparency and assurance to customers they say the CBD industry is lacking via the tap of a smartphone. In addition, PearlCBD products contain only USA-grown, full-spectrum CBD, certificates of authenticity, and are free of toxins including parabens. We further our mission of transparency and Sephora’s requirements by testing not three but four times, both in-house at our FDA-registered lab and via a third party, pre and post-formulation to ensure consumers are getting the ingredients and amount of CBD stated on the label.

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